Subject: sexual violence in Korea

Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 02:35:29 -0400


One of the way to improve and possibly handle the problem of sexual violence in Korea is " to be honest andface the reality". In other word Not to be a hypocrite.

For an example, according to a survey among different ethnic group in California U.S.A., most of the Koreans do not approve divorce but there divorce rate is not different from any other Asian ethnic groups. In other word they say it was wrong but what they say and doing is totally different.

If I may expand my thinking a little bit more, the sexual violence resembles what Japanese did just before and during the WW II. The atrocities Japanese committed toward Chinese and Koreans particulaly toward to the woman are barbaric and abhorrent. One of the explanation on this is in the mind of the japanese that the Chinese and Koreans are not the human but an animal. More or less same thing happen during vietnam war. It is called the ideation of bestiality at its best explanation.

As far as I know there are many many bar girls and prostitutes including highly paid geisha girls under the title of entertainers.Korean society accepts this system and also denies at the same time that they are treating their own sistersand daughters as if they are not exsisting or dealing them as if they are subhuman.

I do not believe that any human society is without different kind of people including prostitutes. But the underlying attitude andjustification toward this difference is major problem. I do wish that difference is not going to make anydiffernce in human society and life but I guess that is the paradise.