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Caring for Someone with AIDS at Home

Here's information for the caregiver about how to take care of a housebound AIDS patient. From: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
By: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Help for You

Taking care of someone who is very sick is hard. It wears you down physically and emotionally and creates stress. You can get very angry watching a person you love get sicker and sicker no matter how hard you work or how much you care. You have to do something with this anger. Many people can talk out their anger with other people who have the same problems or with counselors, ministers, rabbis, friends, family, or health workers. Many AIDS service organizations can help you find people to talk to.

You should not try to be the only person taking care of someone with AIDS. You need some time for yourself. The sicker the person you are taking care of becomes, the more important this is. If you try to do everything yourself, you will wear yourself out and not be able to go on. You are not alone. Other people have done this before. Learn from them. Call the places listed in the next section for help.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Publication: Caring for Someone with AIDS at Home. 1996. (Online) http://www.hivatis.org/caring


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