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Famous Novelist Kim Yoojung
Chunchon Poem Village
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Leem T.G. Oriental Paintings, Park, Hee-Sun's Sculptures

'98 Invitational Exhibition of Modern Korean Sculpture
[Yu Kyu-Yeul's Terracotta Exhibition]
Lee, Woon Sik's Sculptures, Chunchon Snow Ice Festival
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Chunchon Culture Promotion Facilities
Chunchon Folk Arts Festival
Cultural Inheritance

Chunchon Theatrical Associations: Yonkeugsahae: 55-7548, Keulre: 51-0578, Honsung: 55-8600

Riverside Song Festival

Music Concert for Adolescent/Instrumental Music
International Puppet Festival
International Mime Festival, [year 97][year 98]Mime Guide

International World Peace Drum Festival

Bomnae Art Festival
Kangwon Univ. National Folk Song Association
Famous Singer: No Sayon
Hwang Myung Soon Solo Exhibition

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