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Soyang Pavilion
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The Soyang Pavilion lies at the foot of the northern side of Bongui Mountain, adjacent to the Soyang River. According to historical records, the Pavilion was constructed during the Three Kingdoms period, and is considered to be one of the most outstanding Pavilions in the country. The Soyang Pavilion was renowned as a place to enjoy the leasures of the mountains and the water; therefore, it was referred to as the "Double Pleasure Pavilion."

In the 38th year of King Sunjo (1605) the Pavilion was washed away by flood and repaired some five years later. In 1777 the Pavilion was again swept away by flood and was similarily reconstructed four years later. The Pavilion was also destroyed during the Korean War.

Despite these calamities, the Pavilion was returned to its original splendor in 1965. Reshaped in multi-storied fashion, the Pavilion has four frontal openings, two side openings and an eight angled roof. With its unique beauty and the flowing waters of the Soyang River in view, one cannot help but feel a miss for the ancient pavilions of yesteryear upon visiting the Soyang Pavilion.

Monument Stones at Soyang Pavilion

During the Yi Dynasty, stone monuments were erected to commerate an administrative official's service. Whenever an administrative official was transferred to another post, it was customary to erect a monument stone. There are 26 such stone monuments at the entrance to the Soyang Pavilion.

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