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Wibong Gate

[Virtual Reality image of Wibong Gate]

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Wibong Gate was erected in the 24th year of King Injo (1646) during
the Yi Dynasty. In 1890, the Gate was reconstructed to its full
prominence. In 1916, the original structure suffered a loss when the
Choyang Pavilion was relocated to Woodoo Mtn. by the Japanese, leaving
the Gate to stand alone. The Gate was repainted in 1955 and moved to
its present location in 1972.

Wibong Gate, which consists of one smaller door on each side of the
main gate, is 6.3 meters in height and has a width of 8.7 meters.
Wibong Gate is registered as Provincial Tangible Cultural Property No.
1. The Gate can be seen at 9 Choongang 3 ga (street), to the right of
the Kangwon Provincial Headquarters front entrance. A visit to Wibong
Gate provides one with a rare glimpse into the life and customs of our
ancestors, and a richer understanding of our cultural heritage.

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