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Bongui Mountain Fortress
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Constructed of stacked up stones, the Bongui Mountain Fortress lies on the seventh ridgeline and at a steep 70 degree incline of Bongui Mtn.It has been surmised that the Fortress was constructed during the Koryo Dynasty mainly as a deterrent against Mongolian invasions since the ancient records show that Bongui Mtn. was a hotly contested battlesite.

According to the "Dongkook Yojisungnam", the ancient Bongui Fortress was 2,463 (Korean) feet in circumference and 10 feet in height;hence, we may discern that it took an incredible amount of manpower to construct. In 1991, 105 meters of the eastern wall was restored, and in 1993, 40 meters of the western section was similarily restored. Recently, 19 meters have been brought back to their original form, with 170 meters left to be restored in the near future.

Although the size and scale of the Bongui Mtn. Fortress is not that large, the preservation and restoration of the Fortress is a visable legacy to the resistance effort in the Chunchon area.

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