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Cultural Assets of the City of Chunchon

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Bongui Mountain Fortress
Choyang Pavilion
Wibong Gate
Chunchon Confucian Temple and Academy
Seven Story Stone Pagoda
Sosangni Three Story Stone Pagoda (Provincial Cultural Tangible Property No. 16)
Cave Dwelling Remains
Wolsongni Three Story Stone Pagoda
Changchonni Pyesaji Three Story Stone Pagoda
Soyang Pavilion
Tangkan Pillar
Piled-up Stone Tomb
Chunjun Dolmen (Provincial Tangible Cultural Monument No. 4)
ChungPoong Buwongoon Funeral Bier Area (Important Folklore Data No. 120)
Tomb Stones
Statue of Uiam Yoo, In-suk
Chungpyung Temple Revolving Door (Treasure No. 64), 2
Bongui Temple
Sukwang Temple
Chun, Kye-shim Gravesite

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