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Doosan Resort at Chunchon
261-1, Samchun-dong, Chunchon, Kangwon, Tel: +82-361-240-8000

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Doosan Resort Chunchon Condominium is the largest resort facilityin Kangwon Province. It has an excellent marina and themost beautiful golf course in Korea(Chunchon Country Club).

It is close to numerous tourist acttractions:Chunchon Golf Course, Lake Uiam, fishing places, water skiing site, marina, ChungdoIsland and Cheongpyungsa Temple etc.., Further more, you can enjoy Internet and electronic games at the first floor.

Large and small size banquet halls are available for group meetings. It also has coffee shops, stand bar, excellent restaurant and love shows.

   ◈ Subsidiary Facilities ◈
  • Banquet Halls : large size 2, medium size 1
  • Restaurants
  • Game Room, Sports Shop, convenience stores
◈ Transportation - Train
Train Dept. Station Operation time Operation Frequency Time required
(1st Class)
Cheongryang-ri 08:00-21:00 6 times a day 1hr. and 25min.
Cheongryang-ri 06:45-20:00 8 times a day 1 hr. and 50 min.
Sungbook 06:10-19:05 2 times a day 2 hrs. and 10 min.


◈ Transportation - Bus

Dept. Station Time required Operation Intervals
East Seoul
Bus Terminal
1 hr. and 30 min. 20 min.
Bus Terminal
1 hr. and 40 min. 15 min.
Shuttle Bus Stops : Chunchon Train Station, Bus Terminal, Golf Club, Condominium 1 hr.

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