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Lake City ChunChon

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Chunchon-gun, as a gateway to Kangwon province is located at the western part of the Taebaek mountain range. Three enormousartificial lakes such as the soyang lake are made by means of the construction of power generating facilities of the Soyang Dam, the UiamDam, the Chunchon Dam.

This gun has plentiful tourism resources which are formed by beautiful mountain range connected with places of scenic beauty such as theSamak mountain, the Obong mountain and the Yonghwa mountain and lakes.

It has 10 Myons, 5 local offices and 446 natural villages within dimension 1,041 Kmm. Many cultural remains and boastful culturalheritages are alive here.

The city of Chunchon surrounded by mountains and lakes is a clear and blue city of lakes and a tourist resort close to the capital city seoul.Around Chunchon, there are mountains such as Mt. Samak, Mt. Yonghwa, and Mt. Obong, etc., and dams such as Soyang dam made ofsands and pebbles which is the largest one in Asia, Uiam dam and Chunchon dam. You can enjoy yachting, boating, canoeing and fishingin the lakes, and local food, like Makguksu (noodle), mandarin fish hot chowder, and sliced raw fish made of frout and Hyung fish (Israelcarp).

Typical inland city, ChunChon, gives impresstion like a piece of water-color. It was the capital of ancient nation, Maek and is the home ofart and learning harmonic with Mt. BongWui and beautiful Soyang river. Recently, since Kangwon-do was hightlighted as a futer land,Chunchon (the seat of a provincial office) became a prosperous district and the origin of culture. Now, Chunchon which have three sideswith lake, is the vanguard of developing indutry and is famous for education.

As the name Chunchon or Bomnaegoll (meanly Valley of Spring River) represents this city,it has clean and fresh environment.And thenature of very benevolent citizens is the biggest merit that stands for the province, Kangwon-do. It has, now, 2 universities and 2 juniorcolleges, and many institutes.They hold about 70 thousand students.So Chunchon keeps the highest ratio of students to population inKorea.that is,Chunchon is the prototype of education.

Chunchon which keeps the main stream of modern literature in Korea produced many eminent writers such as, Yoo-Jung Kim, Sang-KukJeon, Jung-Hee Oh, and Soo-Chul Choi and still maintains relationship among them. recital of verses held monthly is so special that thisactivity can not be seen any other province or district.Furthermore,it gives the contribution to enlarging and enriching the population ofliterature.Of course,the activation like this has something to do with fantastic environment.

So, nowadays, Chunchon, with this environment,is getting more and more international. In this point,the events that Chunchon hosts like"세계인형 극제" and "포스터전" for recent a couple of years gives an important meaning.Even in '93국제연극페스티벌, actors andactresses from 18 nations participated and established harmony and friendship beyond racial and cultural gap.This means that Chunchonalso has the quality of arts mecca.Beginning with City symphony orchestra, City cultural hall, Children's Hall of Chunchon Province ,Culture Art Center, and etc. support developing of arts by holding many noble events,those are somewhat insufficient, though.

National Junior Sports Festival and National Sports Festival held in 1980 and 1985 each got a good result. It is due to the power ofcombination of citizens. The citizens' enthusiasm toward sports was unique. There are mainstadium which has seating capacity of about30thousands, ball part, indoor swimming pool, tennis court, gymnasium, and other facilities at Onui-dong and velodrome, horse ridingground, and shooting range which are equipped near Uiam lake with high and modern-type technology.

Besides those,there are many relics and legacies,such as Tangkan Pillar(treasure no.76, ancient prop), Seven-story Stone Tower (treasureno.77,ancient pagoda), Cave Dwelling Remains (local memorial no.1, ancient relic), Choyang Pavilion (ancient pavilion), Soyang Pavilion(ancient pavilion), Wibong Gate(ancient big gate). These show the soul from ancient to now at a time. Especailly, The Monument forEthiopian Troop's Participation in the Korean War which is reminiscent of fierce battles here, The Tower of Liberty Protection ,and TheTower of Unswerving Loyalty are the symbol of citizens' will power which ressurected Chunchon deserted and desolate after war.

Chunchon is surrounded by three artificial lakes formed by Chunchondam, Soyang dam, Uiam dam. Because Chunchon surrounded bymountains and lakes like this serves unlimited 피톤치향 all the year,many tourists visit here very frequently.As wind-surfing becomescommon in Korea,the scene of bifurcating lake embellishes Uiam lake the more with the Heaven's blessing natural environment.White lineson the surface,dynamic triangular sail,and harmonic original tints freshen all of us. One can alos enjoy skin-scuba-diving in Soyang lake,socalled sea of inland which has fantastic scenery. Therfore,Chunchon is attractive to whoever is short of exercies.So to speak,Chunchon isthe city not only of opening the era of new water leports but also of romance which can foster natural spirit.

Chunchon prosperous as well as fantastic will adhere to an academic city. Innumeralble meetings with international scale and seminars heldby universities prove the fact.Because every events is activated by active participation of citizens,Chunchon has the potentiality as anadvanced city for education and research and the susceptibility to natural environment.

One can reach here by bus from SangBong depot, GuUi depot and by train from ChungRyangLee station at Seoul(Capital of Korea)within a hour and 20 minutes.Chunchon is the most bucolic and live city among cities in capital region.Chunchon became a one-day lifezone with entire nation by the help of semi-expressway contructed in 1980s and is arranging the countenance toward international city.

Most of all, cohesion of favor among citizens and scent of natural life enable us to realize that this city is affluent and everyone can feel thebrother and the sister with this city.

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