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Chunchon city is the first choice of places to visit whenever you want to relax and to escape from the tiresome city life.


Why? Beautiful lakes, Mysteriouu fog roaming over rivers and lakes, Beautiful sceneries while riding on the Kyungchoon train, Ancient Korean cultural inheritances, The famous International Mime Festival & Puppet Festival, Traditional Chunchon Foods. These are some of many attractions of the Chunchon City!

Although you have suddenly decided to visit Chunchon city, it will be better to plan a travel courses around the Chunchon city. That way, you can maximize your pleasure at Chunchon.

Also, please remember beautiful Cafes, where you can get free Coffees!

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Before Traveling to the City of Chunchon, ....

Chunchon Weather Forcast
033-131Online Chuncheon weather

Via Kyungchoon Train
Make sure to get train tickets about 2 weeks advance of actual trip when you are traveling during vacation season, holidays.
Please get train tickets about 1 week advance during other days.
Advance sale of tickets at Joheung Bank and Travel agencies. (from 30 days advanced)

If you hope to enjoy flower blossom in Chunchon,
Azalea, Golden bell, Cherry flowers can be seen in Chunchon 5~7 days later than in Seoul.
However, you can enjoy maple in Chunchon 5~7 days earlier than in Seoul.

How much cold in Chunchon?
Usually 2~3oC colder in Chunchon than in Seoul, but during winter season it is sometimes 10oC colder.

Rain in Seoul, but snow in Chunchon.
Please check out Chunchon weather during winter season, especially when you drive to Chunchon, because of the frequent snow in Chunchon.

Make sure the schedules of various Chunchon Festivals & Cultural events…
Snow & Ice Festival (Middle of the Jan.), Mime Festival (Wed~Sun of the last week of the May), MBC Riverside Song Festival (1st Fri. in August), Makgooksoo Festival (Middle of Aug.), Puppet Festival (Middle of Aug.), Car Races (Frequent)

It is about 90.8 Km from Seoul City Hall to Chunchon City Hall.
It takes about 1 hour and 45 min from Seoul to Chunchon via either bus or train.
Chunchon is the first choice of places among Seoul vicinity to enjoy rivers, lakes, falls, mountains, ...
City of Chunchon! It's your choice too!

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