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Hotels in Chunchon

[Chunchon Sejong Hotel]:33-252 - 1191

Location: Behind the Kangwon Provincial Office, in the middle of the Pong-eu Mountain. You can wake up in the middle of fresh forests and enjoy the fantastic panolamic view of Chunchon City. Excellent location to walk to the mountian and to the downtown.

[Chunchon Bears Town Tourist Hotel]:33-256 - 2525

Near to Coongdo Shipyard. You can enjoy the Euam lake views and various festivals and events held all the year round at the shipyard.

☞ 2.1㎞ from Bus terminal, 3.4㎞ from Myung-dong
☏ 33-56-2520∼30, Night Club 33-52-3787∼8

[Doosan Resort at Chunchon]
[Chunchon Tourist Hotel] 257 - 8285

Ryo-Kwan List

Opong Sanjang for hiking and meeting

Located near the ticket office of the Chungpyung temple. You can enjoy the hiking to the Opong Mountain. Available Rooms: for 3 or 4 people, 30-40 people

☏ 033-54-1061, 56-6606 / Breakfast served
Reservation: 2-3 weeks ahead at peak season or weekend.
You can enjoy firepalce too! Please tell the owner if you want to use it.

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