Chunchon Confucian Temple and Academy

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Located in the Kyo-Dong area of Chunchon, the Chunchon ConfucianTemple and Academy was established in the early stages of the Joseon Dynastyas a place for the serious study of Confucianism. The structure wasseriously damaged during the 1592 Japanese invasion of Korea and duringthe Korean War. In 1960, however, the structure was restored to itscurrent appearance, and it is now registered as Provincial TangibleCultural Property No. 98.

The Temple and Academy consists of 11 small and large buildingssystematically arranged on a total land area of 1400 pyung (Korean unitof measure). There are ceremonial and study areas, with one of thehighlights being a memeorial tablet to Confucius. Once every monthabout 100 elementary school 5th and 6th graders gather at the Academyfor the study of Chinese characters and the ancient Confucian customsand etiquette. For this reason alone, the Chunchon Confucian Temple andAcademy is worthy of a visit.

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Photo 2 of the Chunchon Confucian Temple and Academy