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To know the images of Chunchon City, we have analyzed questionares surveyed from 200 young peoples, on the Kyungchun train, who were traveling to our City of Chunchon (from 1996 to 1997).

[Colors of Chunchon]

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Although Chunchon is surrounded by mountains, Chunchon is not the city of mountain, but the city of water.

Many people think Green is the color of the Chunchon city, that is probably due to mountainssurrounding the chunchon basin and mountains guiding the Pukhankang (northern branch of the han river).The 2nd and the 5th images of the Chunchon city are also intimately related to the atmosphere you can feel on the way to the city of Chunchon. Blue color may be due the many lakes in the City of Chunchon and the white color may be related to the cleanness of the city. Gray for the famous Chunchon mist, yellow for the romantic memories of lovers, purple for the delicate emotions to travel to the City of Chunchon.

Right? What is your opinion of the color image of the City of Chunchon?

'Chunchon' also reminds you the famous chicken food "Taggalbi".

Overall, although people remember mountainous surroundings and various foods in the City of Chunchon, but few knows about the Chunchon International Mime Festival, Puppet Play Festival, and the home town of the famous novelist, Yoojung Kim.

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