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Old Photos of Chunchon during Korean War

Generous contributions by Ken Thomas
E-mail to Ken Thomas

I want to thank you for the outstanding job you have done with the"City of Chunchon" web pages. They have certainly brought back a lot ofmemories for me. My home base was at Chunchon during 1952. I spent asmall portion of my time at Chunchon, but who could forget "The Hill."Pilots at that base called it the "Unnecessary Mountain" because of itsproximity to the air base landing strip.

I have recently discovered a National Geographic Magazine publishedin May 1953. It contains numerous color photos and some of them weretaken in or near Chunchon.

6147TH Tactical Control Group & Mosquito Association
[Link to 6147TCG & MA Home Page]

A bridge north to the Chunchon City

War's Dusty Rubble

Chunchon Children Seek Security in a Bank's Tumbled Blocks of Granite



Pukhan River Gets Clothes Whiter


Radio Maintenance