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The GI and the Kids of Korea

I don't know if you are familiar with The National GeographicMagazine. It is one of the best known magazines published in the U.S.It has been published here for 108 years. You can see from the stickerin the upper right hand corner that I paid $2.00 for this copy in a usedbook store. Every issue which has been published can still be purchasedfrom the Company. The older the issue, the more expensive it is. Current single issues can be purchased for $5.00. Some older issues sellfor $20.00 each. The Company also sells a set of 30 CD-Roms which holdevery page of every issued published. Those sell for $180.00. You cansee from the cover issue which I attached sold for $.60 each in 1953.This is the issue from which I have sent you pictures. They came fromthe article shown on the cover "The GI and the Kids of Korea."

I hope that this information is of some interest to you. I will besending more pictures later.

Best Wishes

Feb. 23, 1998 Ken Thomas

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