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Kang Won-Do Rehabilitation Center
105-5, Sanong-Dong, Chunchon, Kangwon-Do, Korea #200-140, Tel: 82-361-55-2491~3


Kang Won-Do Rehabilitation Center for disabled persons is committed to the well
being of people with physical and intellelctual disability and their families.
We respect for the dignity of each individual and provies quality services with a
holistic approach.
We work toward a compassionate and socially just community.


1. Assessment and Evaluation

Interdisciplinary team participate in the assessment process. They include rehabilitation medicine doctor, physical therapist, speech therapist, special education teacher, psychologist, social worker, and vocational counselor.

2. Information Services and Counseling

3. Medical Rehabilitation Services

1) Medical Diagnosis
2) Psysical Therapy
3) Speech Therapy

4. Pre School Program
Nursery and special educational programs are provided to the children under 12 years of age. The target population of the educational services include children with development disability such as cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism, emotional disorder.

5. Vocational Training
1) Operating sheltered workshop for intellectually disabled adults.
① Independent living skills
② Work skills 2) Training on a job site

Supported employment program: Those who have independent living skills
receive work training on a job site for a job placement.

3) Plant

Precious stone ornament workshop for physically disabled persons. They operate
the workship independently.

6. Community Based Rehabilitation

1) Friendly visit to a disabled resident in the community.
2) Counseling and medical examination
3) Operating Mobile Clinic
4) Social Education
Enlightene and educate the Public to help them understand disabled persons.
5) Repairing houses
6) Grooming and Hygine Services
- Support with taking a bath
- Provide haircutting services
- Cleaning house

7. Family Development Program

Support children who have a physically or mentally disabled family member and
are economically deprived. Services include scholorship, living expenses,
family and individual counseling, after school programs, leisure activities.

8. Operating Branch Office

Providing the Community Based Rehabilitation services and Family Development
Program with the disabled in three local areas such as Yeong-Wol, Pheong-Chang,
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