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Transportation in Chunchon
Bus Routes, using Cab, Maps

If you take a trip, you may feel pain to move around becuase you are a stranger to the new place. Nowdays, moving around means spending money.
Another thing is that when you ask to people, they give you different answers.That's why you need to familiar with the area you want to visit.

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Actually, within the Chunchon city, you can walk around most of the places (2 Km). You may need to take a bus or taxi cab if you want to go outskirts.
From the Chunchon Bus Terminal, it's about 1.3 km to Myungdong Taggalbi and 0.4 km to Kongjichun; it's about 1.7 km from Chunchon Train Station to House of Ethiopia at Kongjichun and 0.8 km to Keungwhadong to get to Choongdo Island. One or 2 km by walk may take 15 to 30 minutes and you can feel and even smell the lives of people in Chunchon.