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If you visit Chunchon City, ...

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You can visit the home town of the famous novelist who wrote novels,「Spring Season」,「Camellia.
In May you will be soaked in the temptation to see and to smell the flavor of the International Mime Festival.
Your heart will be pumping & pumping when you attend MBC Riverside Song Festival in August.

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All of your family will have great fun at the famous Chunchon International Puppet Festival.
You may also roam about the famous Hallym and Kangwon Universities.
You can have lots of fun things at Kangchon (River village) Resort near Chunchon City.

You may never forget the beautiful sceneries around Chyungpyugsa (ancient buddhist temple) and the taste of Chugok Spring Water.
Hiking to the Opong mountain should not be neglected when you are at Chungpyungsa.

You will become a part of the great mother nature at Chiamni Chipdari Hollow and Nature Trails.
At Chunchon jade mine your mind and body will be recharged with the mysterious energy of the worldly known superb Chunchon Jade.
If you don't taste the Taggarbi (famous Chunchon traditional chicken food) and Makgooksoo (Chunchon traditional noodles), you may nerver know what the Chunchon city is.

Also, don't miss many other exciting festivals and cultural events at Chunchon.

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