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Sukwang Buddhist Temple
in Korean

Sukwang Temple is located in the Soyangno 1 ga area. In the 1950's
the Temple was known as the Soongduk Buddhist Hermitage; however, in
1972 the resident head monk, Pyun Baek-woon, founded what is today known
as Sukwang Temple. Sukwang is one of 10 temples within Chunchon and one
of 120 within Kangwon Province which belongs to the Taegojong order;
yet, its scope and prominence is one of the greatest.

The Temple's magnificent colors and beauty is a widely known fact,
and many Buddhist followers and students alike are drawn to the Temple's
inner sanctuary and mural paintings as well as the Boddhisattva of
Wisdom and Intellect and the Boddhisattva of Protection. Moreover, the
Temple runs a Buddhist school and kindergarden, and functions as an
education center for the society at large.

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