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Restaurant Bomsinae

닭갈비, 막국수, 차, 식사, 토속음식점, 칵테일바
Takgalbi, Makgooksoo, Tea, Cocktails, Traditional Foods
Tel: 033-243-7750
동면 장학리 소양댐 가는 길
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3층에서(from 3rd floor)_2층 실내I (from 2nd floor)_1층(1st floor)_2층 실내II (from 2nd floor)

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Korean Proverb


-Anywhere you live is your native country.

Comment: A person who comes to live in a strange land far away from home will be lonesome at first, but will grow to like the land when he makes friends with the natives and becomes accustomed to the indigenous way of life. After a long residence he will feel at home, as if he were in his own country.

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