Beautiful Places to Visit around Chunchon
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Chunchon Map Collection

(Public Parks and Amusement Parks)

(Yooknim Public Park)

(Pamgol Amusement Park (Chestnut Hollow))

(Magok Amusement Park)

(Rose of Sharon Park)

(Kangjaegoo Park)

(Kimi Manse Park)

(Konji River Amusement Park)

(Kangchon Amusement Park)

(Nami Island)

(Samchun-Dong Amusement Park)

(Central Island)

(Oui Island)

(66 Hills)

(Lakes and Rivers)

(Soyang Dam and Lake)

(Soyang Lake (Inje City))

(Soyang Lake)

(Chunchon Lakeside)

(Chunchon Dam)

(Famous Spicy Stew Restaurants in the Chunchon Dam area)

(Chunchon Lake (Fishing Grounds))

(Paro Lake)

(Oui-Am Lake)

(Oui-Am Lake)

(Shinyun and Mojin River)

(Songam Fishing Grounds)

(Ice Fishing)

(Mountains and Valleys)

(Kari Mtn.)

(Kumbong Mtn.)

(Bonghwa Mtn.)

(Yeonyup Mtn.)

(Yonghwa Mtn.)

(5 Peaks Mtn.)

(Woodoo Mtn.)

(Samak Mtn. (3 Peaks Mtn.))

(Samak Mtn. Fortress)

(Bal Mtn.)

(Soori Mtn.)

(Majuk Mtn.)

(Booyong Mtn.)

(Palbong Mtn. (8 Peaks Mtn.))

(Koogok Waterfall)

(Koobong Mtn. (9Peaks Mtn.))

(Chwabang Mtn.)

(Dungsun Waterfall)

(Koosung Waterfall)

(Karyong Waterfall)

(Chungpyoung Temple Valley)

(Soota Temple Valley)

(Yongso Valley)

(Hiking Spots)

(Other Places of Interest)

(Chungpyoung Buddhist Temple)

(Soota Buddhist Temple)

(Heunggook Buddhist Temple)

(Daemyong Hongchon Ski Resort)

(Chunchon Confucian Temple and Academy)

(Manchulli White Heron Nesting Ground)

(Choogok Mineral Springs)

(Kamjungni Mineral Springs, Chongyo Cave)

(Chiamni Chipdarit Hollow and Nature Trails)

(Moonbae Village)

(Kooksabong Memorial Pagoda)

(The Honorable Shin, Jang-chul Gravesite)

(The Honorable Kim, Woo-myong Gravesite)

[Memorial Tower]

Bugui Valley

(Seoul-Chunchon Highway)

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