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Symptoms of AIDS

The other time when someone may have symptoms related to HIV is much later in their illness, once their body's immune system has been damaged by the virus and they are starting to become sick with AIDS. As mentioned before, this is usually years after they've been infected by HIV.

Because AIDS is a disorder of the immune system, it makes people sick by making their bodies vulnerable to a wide variety of illnesses (opportunistic infections), each with its own symptoms. For this reason, there isn't a simple checklist of "AIDS symptoms" that we can give you. Two people who are both sick with AIDS can have completely different sets of symptoms (or even no symptoms at all).

If you have symptoms that are bothering you or that aren't going away, your best option is to be checked by a health care provider. Any symptom that could be a sign of AIDS could also be a sign of something else. Again, the only way to know if you are HIV-positive is to take an HIV test.