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Practise Safe Sex  


No risk or very low risk - No reported cases due to these behaviours  
1. Masturbation - mutual masturbation
2. Touching - massage
3. Erotic massage - body rubbing
4. Kissing
5. Oral sex on a man with a condom
6. Oral sex on a woman with a dental dam, glyde dam, plastic wrap, or cut-open condom
7. Not sharing drug injecting, body piercing instruments, needles, syringes
8. Using properly sterilised hospital tools

Low risk - Rare reported cases due to these behaviours  
1. Deep kissing
2. Oral sex
3. Vaginal intercourse with a condom or female condom - Click here to learn the correct usage of a condom
4. Anal intercourse with a condom (Try not to get semen or blood into the mouth or on broken skin.)

High risk - Hundreds of thousands of reported cases are associated with the following.
1. Vaginal intercourse without a condom
2. Anal intercourse without a condom
3. Sharing needles, syringes and other body piercing instruments