Organization of Nervous System; Basic Functions of Synapses and Transmitter Substances
Brain & Behaviour
Structure of the Nervous System
rotating skeleton showing the CNS and spinal nerves
rotating head exposing the location of the brain within it
Inside of the skull
Neural vs. Hormonal Communications
Human Brain
Two opposing view of brain
Functional areas
Organization of Motor System
Cross section of the Spinal Cord
Spinal cord
Spinal Cord Injury
Spinal Cord Organization
Different Sensory Modality
Cutaneous field of peripheral nerve
Ascending Somatosensory System
Nociceptive Pathway
Motor representation in Ventral Horn
Stretch Reflex
Causes of Spinal Cord Injury
Brainstem Motor Pathway
Components of Cerebellum
Function of the Cerebellum
Neural Circuit of Cerebellar Hemisphere
Deficit by cerebellar lesion
Basal Ganglia
Basal Ganglia Lesion
Prakinson's Disease & Basal Ganglia
PD Surgery
Cortex Stimulation by Penfield
Cerebral Hemisphere
Somatosensory Area of the Cerebral Cortex
Receptive Field
Cortical Neuron's Spikes
Motor cortex activation
fMRI of Motor Cortex
Major Regions of the Motor Cotex
Motor Homunculus
Origin of motor cortex projections
Corticospinal projections
Descending Pain Modulation
Localization of cognitive function
Cerebral Hemisphere
Association Cortex
Attention Deficits
Personality Deficits
Broca and Wernicke's areas
Language area
Broca's Aphasia
Sensory Aphasia
PET imaging
Visual cortex activation, V1 & V2, PET & MR
Visual cortex neuron's responses to moving bar
Slice Recording
Seeing & Hearing, PET
Speaking, Generating words, PET
Affective brain
Limbic System
Two selves
Sleep stages, EEG
Sleep Cycle
Circadian Cycle
Brain evolution
Wiring from young
Plasticity & compensation
Plascticity, case study
Hand + Mouth = Human
Characteristics of Nervous System Organization
Neuron in the cortex
Face cell
Neuron, the building block
Neuron, mpeg
Impulse transmission
Schematic View of Synaptic Transmission
Discovery of Neurotransmitter
Electrical Synapse
Electrical Synapse
Gap Junction
Electrical Synapse, Advantages
Chemical Synapse
ACh Release & Degradation at NMJ
Properties of NMJ
Parts and Structure of NMJ
Quantal nature of NT release
Quantal nature of NT release 2
Synapse elimination at NMJ
NMJ block by Botulinum Toxin
Ligand-gated Ion Channel
Ligand-binding site of ACh Receptor
Chemically gated Ion Channel
Voltage gated Ion Channel
Basic Functions of Chemical Synapse
Neurotransmitter Criteria
Two classes of chemical signalling
Neuroactive Peptides
NP & small NT corelease
Neurotransmitter Types
Directly acting Neurotransmitter
Indirectly acting Neurotransmitter
Synaptic receptor, 2 functions
Ionotrophic & Metabotrophic Receptors
2nd Messenger pathway, Metabotrophic R. Molecular logic
Postsynaptic Receptors
Synapses in the brain, EPSP, IPSP
IPSP, hyperpolaization
Inactivation of Neurotransmitters
NT release, Ca++ involved?
Ca++ channel localization
Ca++ titming?
Ca++ channel types?
Exocytosis, fusion pore
Vesicle Exocytosis
Neurotransmitter Synthesis and Packaging
Membrane vesicel reabsorption
Synapse, movie
Synapse, movie
Synaptic Transmission
Passive Current Flow in Dendrites and Cell Bodies
Synaptic Summation
Synaptic Transmission
Neurotransmission, movie
Excitatory Synapse
Excitatory Synaptic Action
Two Glutamate Receptors
Ionotrophic glutamate receptors
NMDA components
Excitatory Synapse in the CNS, EM
Synapses: Gray I vs. Gray II type
Synapses: Gray I vs. Gray II type, continue
Excitatory vs. Inhibitory Synapses
Cl- channel
GABA & Glycine gated channels
Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical Synapses
Patch Clamp
Neurotransmission to other cells
Types of Synapses
Neurotransmission to other cells 2
Neurotransmission, presynaptic cell
Neurotransmission, postsynaptic cell
Postsynaptic Responses
Nerve synapse, chemically gated channel
Synaptic transmission
Synaptic transmission
Synaptic Transmission
Synaptic Input and Output
Excitatory and Inhibitory Inputs
Presynaptic inhibition and facilitation
Integrating singnals
Synaptic multiplication? Back propagation?
Synapse Elimination
Brain is altered by experience
Qualitative Categories of Memory
Temporal Categories of Memory
Brain activity during memory task
Spine Growth during LTP
Hebb's rule
Hippocampus, frontal section of human brain
Basis of clasical conditioning
LTP, NMDA receptor involved
Model of LTP induction
LTP, Retrograde messenger
Education vs. brain size
Scientists Discover Addition of New Brain Cells in Highest Brain Area
Lower backpain treatment?
GABA-DOPAMINE, Drugs of abuse
Vagus nerve stimulation for the treatment of depression
Nociceptive cell killer
Axonal Transport
Anterograde & Retrograde Transport
Axonal Transport, microtubule associated proteins
Axonal Transport, microtubule

3D-guided surgery
Brain vs. Computer
BCI, glass cone in motor area
Digital-Analog Hybrid Artificial Neuron