Dopaminergic System

뇌에는 Dopaminergic 신경세포가 noradrenergic 신경세포 보다 약 3-4배 더 많다. Noradrenergic system은 여러 곳으로 산만하게projection하지만 dopaminergic system은 매우 topographic하게 조직되어 있다.

Dopaminergic system은 efferent projection에 따라 크게 2 group으로 분류된다.

1) mesostriatal system
2) mesolimbic and mesocortical system

1) mesostriatal system

Projection: from the substantia nigra and the ventral tegmentum to several striatal areas
Funtion: control of voluntary movement
Lesion: motor disorders of Parkinson's disease

2) mesolimbic and mesocortical system

Projection: from the ventral tegmentum to limbic and cortical areas
Function: not known, but they are thought to participate in cognition

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