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How To Talk With a Partner About Smart Sex

Sex is too serious a matter to be left entirely to your genitals.The consequences can be quite serious, unless you think about your goals and priorities; what your're willing to do, andnot willing to do.

But lots of people aren't doing what they know they shouldbecause they are uncomfortable talking about their decisions.They're too embarrassed to bring up the subject; they fear rejection;or they just aren't sure how to say what they want to say.It's a lot easier to have sex than to talk about it,but talking and planning ahead can make sex much better.

Remember, you should only have sex when you want to; only with thoseyou want to be sexual with, and only in ways that are enjoyable and assafe as possible.

These mulaw (.au) audio files give examples of how you might want toapproach the subject of safer sex. These examples can help you getused to how it sounds, especially if you're uncomfortable talkingabout it.

Introducing the subject

Ask a question

Reassure your partner

Straightforward approaches

If you have no supplies at hand

If you haven't talked about it yet

If your partner objects

Your partner might object to having safer sex; here's what you mightwant to say in response.

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