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Ten Ways to Help
Someone Prevent HIV

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Some of us talk about HIV prevention all the time. As HIV prevention counselors, the authors of this pamphlet get plenty of opportunity to help people learn ways to protect themselves from HIV infection.

But we aren’t the only people who can help. All sorts of people get little opportunities to encourage HIV prevention during their daily lives: nurses, therapists, substance abuse counselors, teachers, hairstylists, dentists, coaches, social workers, parents, shop clerks, just about everyone.

Some people want to help, but they don’t know where to start, or they’ve run out of new ideas. If that sounds familiar, this pamphlet might help. It only takes a few minutes to read, and most of the strategies for teaching HIV prevention don’t take long to share either.

Each page presents one suggestion, idea or fact about HIV prevention. Some of them teach simple ways to explain complicated concepts, such as relative risk and routes of transmission. Others offer advice on how to listen and talk about difficult subjects. We’ve even included text that you can use to make a condom display and blank space on the back cover to write in important HIV/AIDS information of your own. Use one idea or use all ten.

And remember, no one can make someone else protect themselves. If you help a friend, a client, a student or a customer stop and think about HIV protection, you have helped them take a step towards saving their own life.

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