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N.K. version of Viagra to hit shelves of South pharmacists

If you are impotent and failed to regain firmness with the aid of Viagra, don't abandon yourself to despair.

This October a strong anti-impotence treatment will hit the shelves of local pharmacies side by side with the Pfizer-made medicine. "Karuzigi" is the name of the latest healer of male impotence, a wild ginseng-based tablet originating from North Korea.

CIPICO International Trading, a local importer of camphor from North Korea, said yesterday that it would manufacture and sell the new rejuvenator according to the original method developed in the Communist country.

"Our researchers have completed studying the North Korean know-how through several visits to Pyongyang. Based on the pharmaceutical technique, we will start to market it here later this month," said Noh Jung-ho, the company's president.

The treatment "Karuzigi," - named after an ancient Korean novel featuring a legendary man of sexual ability - is not only an anti-impotence therapy but a tonic medicine as well, and can also serve as health food as it contains various herbal ingredients, Noh said.

Karuzigi, he went on to say, is an upgraded version of the "Youngeron," which was served to the late North Korean leader Kim Il-sung to celebrate his 80th birthday. North Koreans have reportedly finished clinical tests of its latest medicinal invention.

"The drug has been fully tested in North Korea, in which only higher-ups have access to these kinds of drugs," another company official said.

Karuzigi will sell at 300,000 won ($250) in packages containing 20-days' dosages.

Updated: 09/08/1999, by Kim Ji-ho Staff reporter

Korea Herald

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