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[No. of HIV Patients Shows Increase]
24, June, 2001

The number of local HIV cases reported in the January-July period showed a sharp increase from the figures of previous years, a government report revealed yesterday.

According to a report compiled by the National Institute of Health and submitted to Millennium Democratic Party Rep. Kim Sung-soon, a total of 240 people were newly diagnosed as being HIV positive during the first seven months of the year.

Although the number is not large in absolute terms, the trend is cause for concern as it confirms a pattern of steep increases over recent years. The reported number of new HIV infections came to 124 for 1997, 129 in 1998, 186 in 1999 and 219 last year.

A total of 1,520 cases of HIV infection have been reported in South Korea since 1985, of which 23 were teenagers.

[HIV Infection Statistics in Korea, Dec. 1999]

A total of 187 persons were newly infected with human immunedeficiency virus (HIV) last year, bringing the aggregate number of HIV infections to 1,063. The Korean National Institute of Health (KNIH) saids that the reported cases of HIV infections last year surged 45 % to 187 at the end of 1999 from 129 a year earlier. The sharp rise was in contrast with an annual average growth rate of 12.8 % in the number of HIV carriers over the last five years . The surge was mainly attributed to the fact that a growing number of people visited health centers and hospitals to receive HIV testing.KNIH officer pledged to check the spread of the deadly HIV virus that leads to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) because cases of infections are expected to rise. KNIH will strengthen a public awareness campaign designed to control the fatal virus in cooperation with some non-governmental anti-AIDS organization. The KNIH set aside 494 million won in support for those anti-AIDS organizations this year, up from 350 million last year. The KNIH, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Welfare, created a nationwide surveillance system for HIV and STI (sexually-transmitted illness) last August. The number of those found HIV positive has continued to climb since the virus began appearing in Korea in 1985.

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