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AIDS is present right next to us.

----A book for AIDS prevention----


This is the only way to prevent AIDS epidemic.!!

Chapter 1. Full of erronerous informations on AIDS

1. We can't just cover up the fear on AIDS.

2. What is the HIV?
3. 1000,000,000 peoples will be infected in year 2010!!!

4. Latent period without showing any AIDS symptoms.

5. Most of the private medical facilities hesitate to deal with HIV positive people

6. Now HIV spreads among heterosexual relations.

Chapter 2. The most threatening disease in human history.

1. USA and AIDS

2. Condom for AIDS?

3. Necessity to reestablish new sexual ethics in the USA.

4. HIV infected countries with socialist history.
5. Africa & AIDS

6. South America is OK?

7. AIDS epidemic is rapidly growing in Asia.

8. Korean and Japanese traveling in Southeast asia for sexal pleasure.

Chaper 3. Korea is not safe anymore!

1. Infection status and preventive measure in Korea

2. Why small numbers of AIDS infection in Japan?

3. AIDS &Female of southeast asia

4. Social crimes related to AIDS

Chaper 4. AIDS & family.

1. Breaking the base of family

2. Distorted sexual clutre, fermenting AIDS

3. Chastity not respected!

4. The outcome of distorted sexual values

Chapter 5. Danger in woring sexual education

1. Status in Japan

2. Chidren attentive to sex

3. The tremnedous influences of sexual education on mental growing.

4. Condom?

Chapter 6. Foundation of happiness, conjugal affection

1. Mutual credibility between husband and wife

2. Humanity education preceding sex education

3. How do we live in AIDS infected society?

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