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Common Search Engines

Web and Usenet News searcher has indexed millions of sites. Alta Vistausers can perform complex searches or get personalized news and stocks.
America Online Search
Find web resources with America Online's own search engine.
Ask questions and get responses from other users of Answers.com. Companiescan use this service to create individual dialogue with its customers.

Real-language search engine lets users ask questions without knowledgeof boolean algebra. Find games, postcards and popular search listings.
Choose to quick or power search newsgroups and to find a newsgroupto fit an interest. Participate in discussion with these forums.
Electric Monk
Resource finds answers to real English questions instead of keywordqueries. Explore a FAQ, user comments and technical specifications.
Use this well-known service to search by keyword or text strings, orbrowse the categories of reviewed sites.
FAST Search
Offers an enormous database for fulfilling search requests on the desktop.View company background, partnerships, and FAQs.
Offers file players, encoders, and rippers. Also provides entertainmentnews and featured RealAudio selections.
Finding Data on the Internet
Journalists' guide to using the Web for database research, includeslinks to data on air safety, campaign contributions, medicine and crime.
FTP search
Read the search and formatting parameters, then begin using this FTPsearch engine located on a server in Trondheim, Norway.
Galaxy Einet
Search using keywords, title or link text searches within chosen categories.Allows users to define the display of search results.
Computer manufacturer provides this starting point, which featuresnews and weather. Find links of interest to women, gamers, kids and shoppers.

Web-exploration tool uses multiple search engines, newsgroup directories,and consumer resources to answer keyword queries.

Searach by keyword, or browse the categories of this directory thatincludes short reviews of the sites listed.
Search results based on a search word bidding process. Link to RegisterIt!enables one to register a site with 400 search engines.
Wired magazine's search engine, powered by Inktomi, allows users tosearch within particular geographic or Web areas.
Search engine offers keyword and category searches, news, free Webadvertising, chat rooms and free Web pages.
Categorical Web directory has more than 60,000 categories pertainingto almost any topic imaginable. Each site included features a brief review.

Customizable search engine allows users to enter a search string orbrowse the Web by subject. Includes a section for newcomers.
Smart search recognizes concepts related to keyword searches and returnsthem in order of relevancy.
Northern Light
Search the web and a sizeable number of sources including WSJ abstracts,newswires and periodicals. Includes tools for customized searches.
Official Search
Search engine only returns official or authorized Web sites. Browsecategories of official movies, TV shows, bands, and magazine sites.
Features a web directory, a guide to web rings, and access to numeroussearch engines.
Search by keyword for Web sites, email addresses, company, governmentand personal homepages, and international white and yellow pages.
Marketing and resource company helps users find Web addresses througha company's proper or domain name.
NBC's directory offers more than a dozen categories, including education,news, oddities and sports.
SSE Serverand SSE Web
Search engine and Web tool utilizes XML technology. Learn about productarchitecture and find out how to apply in various industry settings.
Starting Point
Search engine and directory includes a select listing of sites under12 categories. Personalize listings by adding favorite URLs.
Portal offers simple searches, directory-style lists, headline news,and personal productivity tools. Also has a people finder and maps.
Original search engine and directory. Search the entire database atonce, or comb through the categories.
Do a keyword search of the Internet, or browse through this directory'sdifferent categories. Get news, sports and stock quotes.
Category based search engine offers sites reviewed by quality and popularity.Offers a guide to auto shopping plus free chat and email addresses.

Search Engine for Kids

AOL NetFind
Search engine for kids has a simple interface to allow them to findother kids, Web sites, email addresses and newsgroup information.

Try out this children's version of the search engine that allows usersto ask real English questions and find sites with the answers.
Galactic Galaxy Star Search
Search site that's safe for kids also offers games, chat, shoppingand bulletin boards. Find sites in a limited number of categories.
Information Please Kids' Almanac
Child-friendly resource provides a dictionary, an encyclopedia anda homework help almanac service.
Kid's Tools for Searchingthe Internet
Eleven search engines for kids are available for searches about manydifferent topics, such as education, Disney, activities and games.

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All4 one Submission Machine6
Site See370
Submit It400
Submit Shack400
IOPORTSubmit Service8
Yelloy Pages40
All in One200

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